• George Kurth

Best Outdoor Bars in New York

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Our Patio is like a Rooftop Bar on the ground floor! At over 2,200 square feet in size, it can fit up to 140 people, and is open for cocktails, pub food and private parties. Gas heaters and a fully retractable awning allow us to keep it open year round, except for days with very heavy rain or snowfall. In the spring and summer, we feature a tiki bar serving frozen drinks, and are always happy to show popular sporting events on our large screen TV's.

Hosting a Private Party in Manhattan?

We offer great open bar and food options and packages at different levels to meet all kinds of needs and budgets. Call our sales team at 212-784-3602 for more information.





For Group Reservations:

Please Contact Farzana Ruzehaji

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